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Attendance & Visitation

August 30, 2017
By Our Lady of Sorrows School

Morning Tardies / Attendance / Consequences

As per our Parent-Student Handbook, please be aware that our school day begins at 7:45 am in the gym for all 1st - 8th grade students. Starting the day praying together as a community is part and parcel of our commitment to Catholic education & spirituality. Students also miss out on announcements, celebrations, Words of Wisdom, and other morning activities when they come in late to school.

From our Handbook:


Promptness is an indication of good self-discipline. Habitual tardiness seriously disrupts the educational process of other students and affects school performance of the student who is tardy. It is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the student is punctual to school. Habitual tardiness will require a conference between the parents, student, and Principal.

Excessive Absences and Tardies

The following consequences are in place to address excessive absences and tardies:

  • 8 tardies equal 1 day of absence per 9 weeks quarter.

  • 18 tardies (maximum for full year) may result in possible blocked enrollment (grades 1st - 7th), and results in elimination from extracurricular activities for the school year.

  • 8 Unexcused Absences – elimination from extra-curricular activities (per quarter).

  • 16 Absences (excused or unexcused) may result in possible academic retention or blocked enrollment for the following school year as per TCCED mandate. Exclusion from extracurricular activities for remainder of school year will be implemented.

Additionally, once a 4th - 8th grade student has accumulated four (4) tardies they are automatically assigned to after-school detention (Thursdays from 3:30 - 4:30). All extracurricular activities are forfeited for that afternoon & evening, or forfeited perpetually until they fulfill their detention time the following week. Repeated detentions (for any reason) will result in further disciplinary action.


Campus Visitation

Also as a reminder, all adults who visit the campus must come in through the front office. From our handbook:

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School is a closed campus. All parents, visitors, and guests are required to check in at the front office and receive an ID pass. A photo ID or Driver’s License may be required. This pass must be obtained for those adults attending morning assembly as well.

The safety of all children and adults on our campus is a top priority, so we ask all parents to please abide by our campus procedures.

Blessings & Peace,
Hugo De La Rosa III

Cougar Chronicle by 8th Grade