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Tuition & Fees

Current Families: we are using rolling registration and auto-renew for the 2024-2025 school year; current students do not need to do anything unless there is a change in information or a change in payment plans. DO NOT use any links on this website for your child that already attends OLS! Auto enrollment will take place on Tuesday, February 13 - please call the front office by February 9 if you choose not to enroll for the 2024-2025 school year.

Annual tuition is paid in twelve (12) equal payments with the first payment due on June 1st. The remaining payments are due on the 1st of each month and payable until the 15th.


2024-2025 Tuition (All Students)


PK3 (Montessori)

  • 1-2 Children: $2,850 (12 Monthly Payments of $237.50)
  • 3 or more Children: $2,565 (12 Monthly Payments of $213.75)


PK4 (Montessori)

  • 1-2 Children: $3,450 (12 Monthly Payments of $287.50)
  • 3 or more Children: $3,105 (12 Monthly Payments of $258.75)


K5 (Montessori)

  • 1-2 Children: $5,800 (12 Monthly Payments of $483.34)
  • 3 or more Children: $5,220 (12 Monthly Payments of $435)


1st - 8th Grade

  • 1-2 Children: $6,200 (12 Monthly Payments of $516.67)
  • 3 or more Children: $5,580 (12 Monthly Payments of $465)



Payments are made through the FACTS Online Payment System. Statements are not mailed unless accounts are delinquent. Students may be dropped from the roll if accounts are not cleared by the 30th of each month. There is a 10% discount for three or more children enrolled on tuition only.



Registration Fee

A deposit fee is due at the time of registration. This fee is non-refundable after the child has been accepted and enrolled. If a student is not accepted and/or space is not available, the deposit is refunded.


Lunch Fees

PK3 - 2nd Grade: Daily lunch is $4.00 per meal
3rd - 8th Grade: Daily lunch is $4.50 per meal


After School Care Fee

The After School Care (ASC) Program provides a safe environment for children of working parents. Priority placement is given to families where both parents are working. Drop-ins are not allowed. Students accepted into the program must complete an enrollment form. Payment for this service is due with the tuition payment at the first of the month. Please note that there is no ASC on 1/2 days or for students who only stay for a 1/2 day.  Registration may be done at morning orientation or the form may be downloaded from this website and turned in on orientation days.

The After School Care Program has one flat rate (payable August through May): $150 per month regardless of pick-up time (ASC runs from 3:00 - 5:30 pm; additional fees are assessed if students are picked up after 5:30 pm)


Late Pick-Up Fee

Students not registered in the After School Care Program and who are not picked up on time at their regular dismissal site are held in a classroom for a $10 fee. There is an additional charge of $10 for every 15 minutes past 4:00 pm. Students are not allowed to wait in the office area or outside the school building to be picked up.


Returned Check Fee

There is a charge on all returned checks. A returned check constitutes grounds for payment in cash or by cashier's check. This applies to all checks made out to the school, not just tuition.

In order to register for the next school year, all financial obligations must be cleared by June 1 of the current school year. The school reserves the right to block enrollment if there is a documented history of non-compliance with the tuition payment policy.


Educational Trip Fee

Educational trip fees that have been paid to an organization or agency to be visited are non-refundable.


Late Payment Fee

A late fee is added to each payment received after the 15th of the month. If the account is not cleared by the last day of the month, the student is not admitted to class until all financial obligations are met.


Textbook Replacement Fee

Lost, defaced or misplaced textbooks, workbooks or paperbacks must be purchased by the student/parent. Replacement costs are assessed by the front office.


Additional Records Fee

One free copy of the permanent record, health, special education or psychological test records is provided at no charge. Additional requests for any of these records are charged a nominal fee.



Registration fees are non-refundable. However, if a student is not accepted and/or space is not available, the registration deposit is refunded. Refunds on tuition are not made after July 1. Unused lunch and drink funds are refundable.


Mandatory Fundraiser

The school conducts two mandatory fundraisers every year. Every family contributes to the Fall Raffle and Spring Raffle by selling raffle tickets. Family commitments not fulfilled by the deadline will be billed for the difference and a late charge will be applied. Families are encouraged to sell additional tickets to support the school.


Family Service Hours

Each family is required to perform hours of service to the school community. This service can be performed at a variety of functions throughout the school year. Mandatory service hours not completed by the deadline are billed to the family account. Further details are available in the service hour program guidelines.