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Student Resources

Digital Resources

AR Resources
(1st - 8th grade reading program)
MackinVia - Site=78501
Portal to eBooks, videos, Brittanica, EBSCO, and Brain Pop



Scholastic Go! - K-8 search portal for resources such as news, encyclopedias, interactive maps and videos for various subjects


Blessed Are We - Faith in Action - 1st - 6th religion book

We Live Our Faith - 7th - 8th religion book

Think Central - 1st - 5th grade all books (including Go Math)

Voyages in English - 5th, 7th & 8th grades

Sadlier Connect - Vocabulary Workshop 1st-8th grades

IXL - 1st - 8th grade math & english program

Holt McDougal Online - - Jr. High math books

Savvas Realize - 6th - 8th history & science book

Spanish Book  - 6th - 8th grade