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The curriculum at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School ensures strong academic expectations and the development of the whole child. The curriculum is delivered through lesson plans designed to meet students' unique social, physical, emotional and academic needs.

The curriculum meets the standard requirements of the State of Texas - Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) as well as the objectives set forth in the curriculum guides adopted by the School Department of the Diocese of Brownsville. The Principal observes and works closely with classroom teachers to serve the needs of all students. The core curriculum is supported by a variety of enrichment classes and programs to support student learning.

Pre-Kinder/Kinder Montessori

The school utilizes the Montessori method, which allows the child to work with concrete manipulative materials in all areas of the curriculum. The materials are presented to the child according to his/her abilities and special needs. In this type of environment the child is able to advance at his/her own pace, since the materials are presented individually.

The Montessori curriculum includes: Art, Handwriting, Language Arts (Writing, Phonics and Reading Skills), Library, Math, Music, Practical Life Skills, Religion, Science, Sensorial Apparatus, and Cultural subjects. Classes are composed of mixed ages (3-4-5). In this type of setting children learn from each other: younger ones observe older students' activities and older students reinforce what they have learned by teaching the younger ones.



Elementary students partake of a balanced core curricula of Language Arts (English, Writing, Spelling, Grammar), Library, Math, Physical Education, Religion, Science and Social Studies. Students also receive enrichment classes in Art, Music, Spanish and Technology.


Junior High

Junior High students immerse themselves in a balanced core curricula of Language Arts, Math, Religion, Science, Social Studies and Spanish. Enrichment classes include Art, Library, Music, Physical Education, and Technology Applications. Students in 7th and 8th grade are provided access to advanced courses, which may qualify for advanced High School credit in Algebra and Spanish. They are also offered a choice of electives ranging from Competitive Choir, American Sign Language, Robotics, Yearbook, Mentoring and Study Hall. Below is a list of all core curricula and enrichment courses and activities.


Core Curricula


  • Catechesis/Doctrine
  • Life & Social Skills
  • Liturgy & Prayer Service Preparation
  • Scripture
  • Sexuality Catechesis


Foreign Language

  • Spanish (6th - 8th grade)


Language Arts

  • Grammar
  • Literature
  • Phonics
  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Writing Workshop



  • HMH Go Math
Junior High (Additional)
  • Pre Algebra
  • Algebra I (7th or 8th AP)*

* Advanced Placement courses may be eligible for High School credit.

Physical Education

Physical Education Courses are age appropriate by grade level.


  • Hartcourt Science
Junior High
  • Savvas Realize online platform (6 - Elevate Science Earth, 7 - Elevate Science Life, 8 - Elevate Science Physical)

Social Studies

  • Texas Edition for Social Studies
Jr. High
  • American History (6th)
  • Texas History (7th)
  • World History (8th)


Enrichment Courses & Activities

Enrichment / Electives

  • Art (1st – 8th)
  • Mentoring (8th)
  • Music (K5 – 5th)
  • Spanish AP (7th – 8th)*
  • Technology (K5 – 8th)
  • World Religion (7th)
  • Yearbook (8th)

* Advanced Placement courses may be eligible for High School credit.


  • Basketball
  • Cross-Country
  • Soccer
  • Track
  • Volleyball


Religious Education

All students are required to attend religion classes and participate in daily Morning Prayer, weekly Holy Mass, and monthly prayer/adoration time in the Chapel. Students also participate in seasonal paraliturgical celebrations, retreats and community service work and projects.


Math & Reading Program

The school uses IXL and Accelerated Reading, research-based software programs, to improve math, reading and comprehension skills. One-on-one and small group tutoring is also provided to students based on ongoing assessments.



Teachers have integrated technology into all core curriculum subjects. All core subjects use technology at the appropriate level of student proficiency according to the state's Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Enrolled students also have the opportunity to take technology courses to increase their technology skills. The school is equipped with a Windows-based Computer Lab, Windows-based computers in every classroom, and several Chromebook carts for Jr. High and 5th grade use.


Tutorials & Homework Help

Teachers provide individual and / or small group Tutorials to meet the individual strengths and weaknesses of each child. This assistance may take place before school, during school, and / or after school. Please contact each teacher individually for more information.