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School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council plays an important role in the organizational operation of the school.

This Council is a consultative body that facilitates planning, policy formation and enactment, facilitates a plan for financial stability, public relations and marketing, and evaluates for effective outcomes.

Most importantly, the Council promotes Roman Catholic educational opportunities for the OLSS community. The Council makes sure that the mission statement is aligned to the school's "excellence in education" standard.

Council members are business professionals, community members, and current or former parents who provide invaluable counsel and support to the Principal and Pastor. They look for opportunities that best serve the needs of the children and the school. We are truly grateful for their commitment and service.

Council Members 


Rene Anzaldua, President 
Dr. Tomas Gonzalez, Vice President 
Norma Vogel, Secretary

Mercedes Betancourt 
Jose Luis Contreras 
Christopher Dyer 
Rocio Moreno 
Sandy Ortiz 

Non Voting Members 
Currently N/A 

Ex Officio Members 
Israel Martinez, Principal 
Luz Long, Bookkeeper