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Mission & Vision

Vision & Mission Statements


Vision Statement

We catechize the community of Our Lady of Sorrows to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ through a Catholic education and ultimately share in God’s everlasting happiness in heaven.

Mission Statement

Our Lady of Sorrows School’s mission is to embrace Catholic faith, respect diversity, promote community, provide a quality education for all, and prepare us for a lifetime of service centered on Jesus Christ.


Embrace Catholic Faith
  • To empower each community member to become a living example of Jesus Christ through prayer and worship, scripture, and the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church
Respect Diversity
  • To provide a caring, loving environment built on trust, justice and peace where each individual is valued
Promote Community
  • To foster a partnership based on mutual respect and understanding among the civic community, church, school and home
  • To develop life skills that will encourage each community member to become a mature, responsible, and caring citizen of the world
  • To increase each person's level of awareness, sense of responsibility and respect for global ecology
Provide A Quality Education
  • To challenge each person to develop an open, inquiring mind that allows an appreciation and acceptance of each person's uniqueness as a precious child of God
  • To provide a balanced teaching environment that ensures educational excellence while nurturing each person's creativity, spontaneity, emotional stability and self-worth
  • To create a safe and pleasant learning environment
  • To provide opportunities for each person’s total physical development and good health

Our hope is that each member of our school community will be sent forth to love and serve God and neighbor in imitation of Jesus Christ.