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SuccessMaker Program

March 04, 2018
By Our Lady of Sorrows School
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Program Identification

The SuccessMaker Program provides individualized self-paced instruction for students in grades 1-8 to enhance and reinforce their language arts and math skills. The program courses are designed to help students demonstrate academic achievement and develop confidence in reaching their full potential by allowing them to work on their own level even if that means they are working below or above grade level.  


Two-pronged innovative strategies are employed by SuccessMaker Program. First, the program tracks the Initial Placement that places the students at the appropriate grade level equivalent based on data gathered during this time.  After this initial placement, the Program Facilitator tracks each student’s progress and automatically provides the level of instruction appropriate to each student’s needs. The program also provides additional practice in areas which performance is weak and reinforces the areas in which performance is strong. Because each student proceeds at his or her pace, this allows the student to take a greater academic challenges while building new skills, knowledge and strategies. 

The other innovative strategy employed by SuccessMaker Program is called On-the-Spot Intervention. Each teacher accompanies his/her class to the computer lab and along with the SuccessMaker Facilitator provides one-on-one tutoring as students work.  The teacher interacts with students to work on their weakest academic areas. In addition to this strategy, each teacher also carries the responsibility of reviewing reports provided by the program facilitator and prescribing (with the help of the facilitator) any needed intervention to catch students before they fall behind in math and reading.


Immediate access to on-demand assessment tools is employed by SuccessMaker Program.  Teachers and parents have access to numerous reports which provide immediate and accurate information detailing student performance. Examples of the information available from reports include:

  • Number of correct problems out of the total number attempted and the length of the session
  • Cumulative number of problems, percent correct and total time on system
  • Grade level equivalent gains in reading and/or math to date
  • Specific objectives with which a student or group of students is struggling
  • Projection of the time needed to achieve a certain gain or to reach a particular grade level goal.

These reports are provided regularly by the SuccessMaker Program Facilitator and referred to by subject and grade-level teachers to keep track of academic performance and growth of students and to prescribe any needed intervention.

For further information and explanation, please contact Denia de los Reyes – SuccessMaker Program Facilitator