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Welcome Back OLSS: New Website Features & Social Media

July 28, 2017
By Our Lady of Sorrows School
Bottom section of the homepage

Summer Greetings OLSS!


Website Navigation Part 2: The Bottom Half

The bottom half of our website also has a few features to make your navigation more convenient:

1. This midsection houses three to five auto scrolling links filled with important information. You can click on each one to read the full article. On a touch enabled device you can scroll through by swiping; on a desktop or other non-touch enabled device you'll practice your patience as the links auto scroll through each section.

2. Just like the top of the page, clicking or tapping on the school name and logo will always take you back to the homepage. This prevents having to scroll all the way up (especially on phones) once you've come to the end of a web page.

3. The Quick Links sections houses a few of the most often used links on the page, and complements the blue bar of quick links on the upper half of the page.

4. Our Community has links to our parish website, the Diocese of Brownsville webpage, and links to our sister High Schools (JDA & Oratory).

5. Finally, the same set of links from the top of the page are conveniently available at the very bottom of the page (again, with the intention of minimizing scrolling and searching).


Social Media Presence

Once the school year gets underway we'll be providing information and highlights through a number of digital venues, including:

1) Facebook: Look for reminders about blog posts (these blog posts are replacing the weekly newsletter), article suggestions, and lots of pictures from special events.

2) Instagram: Look for lots of pictures from special events, as well as some #MondayMotivation, #ThrowbackThursday and other weekly Shasta posts

3) Pinterest: Work your way through tips for fast and healthy meal ideas, media recommendations, and other information to make parenting a bit easier.

4) Twitter: Short, bite sized nuggets of information on our school and from around the web.

5) YouTube: Videos from our Advanced Tech students & technology teacher, as well as other short videos highlighting school events (YouTube presence will be online after the school year begins).

Please follow, like, recommend, share, retweet, heart, hashtag, blog, post, comment, mention, pin, repin and tag us throughout the year!

Blessings & Peace,
Hugo De La Rosa III

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