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Drop Off, Dismissal and After School Care

August 04, 2019
By Our Lady of Sorrows School

Beginning of the Year Greetings OLS Community!

Here are some brief reminders about drop off, dismissal and afterschool care procedures to help streamline our afternoons and ensure that everyone (children, staff, families) stays safe each day.

Most Important Dismissal Commandment: the dismissal site for a family will be where the youngest student in the family is sent

  • PK 3 & 4 + their older siblings dismiss from the Small Playground
  • K5s + their older siblings dismiss from the Large Playground
  • 1st / 2nd graders + their older siblings dismiss from 11th Street
  • 3rd / 4th graders + their older siblings dismiss from the East Side of the Main Church (the side of the Church closest to 10th St)
  • 5th - 8th graders dismiss from the West Side of the Main Church (the side next to the Adoration Chapel and the Knights of Columbus Hall)
  • Students on either of the Main church dismissal sites (West & East side dismissal) return to 11th Street @ approx. 3:15 pm and may be picked up there

Please do not panic if your child is not at your dismissal site! The excitement of seeing their friends the first few days of school sometimes distracts them, and they end up with their friends instead of following their dismissal teacher. Staff carry radios to have children sent to the correct site if this happens.

Please note: these dismissal sites may change for you when CARPOOLS begin on August 19. Afterschool care begins on August 19 as well.

The most important tip we can give parents this first week is to remember that your children are supervised outside until 3:30 pm and then brought into the cafeteria. Please take your time rather than arrive early and wait in a line for 20–30 minutes!

Finally, please note that the McAllen Police Department will issue tickets if waiting vehicles block Hackberry Ave. If you see a long line forming on Hackberry, please come back in 10–15 minutes.

The following diagrams may help as well:

Blessings & Peace,
Hugo De La Rosa III
Assistant Principal

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